Valentino Dixon
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On September 19, 2018 — 27 years after his initial wrongful conviction — Valentino walked out of prison a free man. He was greeted by his mother, daughter, and grandchildren, along with many cousin, friends, and supporters. Among them were the Georgetown professors and students who were so instrumental in his release.

Valentino now looks forward to spending many happy and productive years with his family, and to continue creating the beautiful artwork that has been his emotional lifeline. He also looks forward to sharing his inspirational story with audiences around the world, and to campaigning for much needed reforms to our criminal justice system.




During and after his period of incarceration, Valentino has established his reputation as an informed and inspiring voice on criminal justice issues and improvement opportunities. Buoyed by the attention to his own story, Valentino continues to devote his energies to the campaign for much-needed sentencing reform, as well as other changes to the criminal justice system.


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