Valentino Dixon
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Artist, exoneree, Criminal justice reform advocate

Valentino Dixon

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On September 19, 2018, Valentino Dixon walked out of prison an innocent man, having just served 27 years of a 38 1/2-year sentence. Throughout that time, he maintained his innocence and relied on his passion for art to sustain him.

Millions of people around the world have been inspired by his story of resilience, faith, and artistic talent. This website tells his story, showcases his beautiful artwork, and spreads his inspirational message.

Sample Pieces


Valentino’s Story

How could an innocent man be convicted of murder when the true killer confessed just days after the crime? How did Golf Digest and a group of Georgetown undergraduates uncover this injustice and set Valentino free?

Valentino’s Art

During his many years in prison, Valentino created hundreds of intricate images: landscapes, portraits, still life pieces and scenes based on legendary golf courses. Browse through the gallery to view his work. Selected prints are available for purchase.

Valentino’s Voice

Valentino is an impassioned and compelling speaker on the subject of criminal justice reform, drawing heavily on his personal experience and knowledge of the system.

If you reclaim your talent, you can reclaim your life
— Valentino's Uncle, Ronnie Bryant
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